Hello Ushahidi Community,

I've launched https://alnur.crowdmap.com/  and I ask your help.  I need help to learn how to use the messaging feature, help in vetting, and help with strategy and tactics.  Also please retweet #candlevoice

I am here in the SF Bay area -- not far from Chris Stevens' home.   I launch an https://alnur.crowdmap.com to show a personal, neighbor-to-neighbor action to remember Chris and calm the riots in the Middle East.    A symbolic action, a candle in the window, was used in Poland in the '80s when the Solidarity Movement was placed under martial law, and even more effectively in the Czech Velvet Revolution.   When I used it to send a message to the people of Iraq in 1990, some 10,000 Americans joined me (pre twitter).  I am asking the world to each place a candle in our window through the end of this month, and send a message on https://alnur.crowdmap.com -- all the way across the world.

Lighting a candle is a physical act, with an Ushahidi back-up to help moderate voices prevail ... should alnur.crowdmap have more teeth, provide categories for specific crisis intervention requests and resolution?

I'll start tweeting soon -- is it good to have a twitter category set-up, in addition to News?

I look forward to your reply.

Donna Baranski-Walker