Hi folks, We have been running the Deployment of the Week program for over a year.

How it works: The goal is to recognize deployments, deployers, teams of deployers, individuals, communities featuring Ushahidi and Crowdmaps that do one or more of the following:
Help us choose this week's Deployment. Here are some that I have collected from Social media, the community site and our analytics tools. Please vote by Tuesday, August 21st at 14:00 UTC. (time.is to convert)  As you can see, the countries and diversity abound

Electricity Outages in Egypt - http://kahrabtak.com/
Politics Venezuela - https://ustedabuso.crowdmap.com/
Harassmap in Macedonia - http://www.reagiraj-bidibezbedna.mk/
Cote D'ivoire and security- http://verite-reconciliation.org/crowdsourcing/
Venice Biennale - https://grantouristas.crowdmap.com/main  

If you have a recommendation, please share with us. I'll tabulate the votes from here and from the Ushahidi team and post it in the Ushahidi Weekly report (mid-week on the blog)

Thanks in advance,

Heather Leson
Director of Community Engagement