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Month: May 2014

data quality issues with ushahidi mobile applications (my masterthesis)

From: Henriette Sens <heni.sens@...>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 17:47:53 +0200
Hi everyone, I am a master student and currently writing my thesis
about ways to ensure data quality in data gathering processes using
mobile phones. I am looking at different apps and how they implement
quality checks, if at all. Now I am wondering how data quality issues
are dealt with in ushahidi mobile application. I see it is not yet
possible to customize forms and to use mandatory or range
restrictions. But you have guidelines for checking the data
afterwards. What are your experiences with the data you are creating
with mobile applications?

I am trying to find examples of people who actually use ushahidi for
collection field data and how you treat the question of quality?What
measures do you undertake to ensure data quality? What is "quality
data" for you anyways?

Would love to hear some comments on that! Thanks a lot!

Henriette from Berlin